somewhere over the rainbow by Evey

"So you decided not to ask me about that?" he says. But the older man doesn't answer and turns his gaze away from him.

"You believe them." he mutters to himself. "I should've noticed."

He feels a lump in his throat again and it seems like it was there all along, but he just can't swallow it. He just can't. His heart starts to ache because he realizes this is it, this is the moment that he has been denied for months that it might be the end of something. Something they have been shared for 2 years. 

"I..." he hesitates and closes his eyes. He still remembers what it feels like when the other man's fingertips brushing his face. "...Okay. Then just tell me that it was real."

The spaniard looks at the man in front of him who closes his eyes. He wants to tell everything but he shouldn't. For him. He couldn't answer for that either.


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